Inspecting your Chimney in the Summer Months

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This sounds hard! If you are moving into a new home or have recently purchased a rental. We are ready an available to send you a certified chimney sweep to inspect your chimney. Cracks, water damage or an uncleaned chimney can mean a higher risk when you are ready to burn in the coming months. Call today! Or check our Specials page for more deals!

So when should you inspect your chimney? Well most fire fighters will tell you at least once a year.

It saves you on insurance and it helps keep you from having to make costly repairs if something does go wrong. When inspecting please use a certified chimney sweep. It really makes all the difference. They use the best tools a knowledge when inspecting and will be able to see things you will miss if you are planning on inspecting yourself. Here is a good article about inspecting chimneys.

Inspecting Your Chimney: How to Tell When it Needs Cleaning

When should you clean your chimney?
Routine chimney inspections can catch dangerous creosote, protect your home and allow you to enjoy fires safely.

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