First Impressions of a Chimney Sweeper

First Impressions of a Chimney Sweeper is no common theme of movies & daily life today. Mary Poppins points out that a sweep is As Lucky as Lucky Can Be!

At Midtown Chimney Sweeps, every customer matters. Our founder has set an example of customer service that all our technicians know. First Impressions of a Chimney Sweeper are very important for several reasons. First of all we have a rich tradition to keep up with! Secondly, we are only in a customer’s house once per year- we have to leave a good impression! And lastly, well, it is our founders promise! Simply put, the Midtown Chimney Sweeps pledge to our customers is proven by our dozens of testimonials highlighting the following areas of Midtown exceptionalism:

  • Professionalism
  • Courtesy
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Knowledge of the Trade

First Impressions, the touch of class with a Midtown Chimney Sweeps customer service experience

If you are new to our industry, it might be time to learn more about chimney sweeping as an industry. The chimney sweeper trade began in Western Europe in the 1800’s, and solved an urgent need to remove soot from wood-fired flues. If the soot was not removed it would result in smoke spilling out of the fireplace. ¬†Our black and dirty job is highlighted best by the 1964 Disney Film Mary Poppins and its primary actors Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews. First Impressions of a Chimney Sweeper were very positive in this active and comedic film! Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews’ talent in acting was magnified and captured in this mid ’60’s color movie of an English chimney sweep and his powerful and lovely friend Mary Poppins who served as the nanny to the Banks family. Singing and dancing on roof with Burt and his fellow sweeps is a highlight of the tale as Burt reconciles an overworked father to his two children so that they can finally go fly a kite together as fathers and their children should. It is a classic in the comedy, fantasy and family genre of American films.

Mary Poppins play comes to visit Midtown Chimney Sweeps in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

To read more about the history of chimney sweeping and pattercanting, click here.  First Impressions of a Chimney Sweeper is critical for many reasons and it is the core of how we operate. And so, until we visit your house again soon, Good Luck from a friendly sweep!



Every fireplace has a story, so hire people who know it!



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