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Chimney Cleaning in Pennsylvania


One of our main fireplace services is traditional chimney cleaning. We brush the flue with stiff bristle brush to remove the soot and then we vacuum it up with your special vacuum. Annual fireplace cleaning of the flue is a must for regular users of fireplaces and wood stoves in order to maintain proper flow of the flue gases and correct combustion. We are the Pennsylvania’s choice for professional on-time and courteous Fireplace Cleaning in Pennsylvania.


Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning in Pennsylvania


How many clothes dryer fires are there annually in the United States of America? Thousands of structure fires occur annually from defective or dirty clothes dryers and their associated vents.

Your clothes dryer’s exhaust pipe and dryer flex connector should be inspected and cleaned once a year.

The lint and debris blown out by your dryer every time you use the appliance is dry and often hot. If the lint combines with the high heat of the electrical element, together they could start a fire.


Gas Fireplace Service in Pennsylvania


Many people do not know that gas fireplaces are required to be inspected annually per the manufacturer’s instructions. Although the inside of the chimney does not build up with black soot like a wood-burning fireplace does, there are still many safety related items that should be addressed.


Our inspection process for gas fireplaces includes:
Removing and cleaning the glass door
Opening and cleaning the convection air chamber under the firebox
Checking the main burner for cracks and deterioration resulting in “hot spots”

Cleaning the gas logs and the inside walls of the fireplace
And more!

When most people think Pennsylvania, ‘Amish’, is the first thing that comes to mind, especially Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, which is right next door to Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Keystone State is home to many more Amish besides those in Lancaster, PA. We are proud to serve almost all of PA.

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