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The wonderful Borough of North Wales has plenty to offer. From various competitive activities to family parks, we have a wonderful town with plenty for every member of the gang to enjoy. Our homes are a safe haven for our families, and we love our families! Midtown Chimney Sweeps of North Wales is all about protecting your family by providing you with inspection and sweeping services and educating you on the best use of your fireplace. Our team is certified and insured, and happy to provide you with this service to keep your home safe from any chimney-related hazards. We clean and inspect all types of fireplaces, even gas burning units and pellet stoves. We can also assist you with cleaning your furnace flue!

Efficient Chimney Cleaning in North Wales, PA

A primary service we offer is chimney cleaning. We remove soot from the flue of your fireplace with stiff brushes,  and vacuum it into our  efficient HEPA vacuums. Those who use their stoves or fireplaces as a regular source of heat should  have those heating units cleaned annually. When you procure routine cleaning for your unit, you ensure that smoke will easily vent through your chimney and out of your home. Not to mention, you decrease the likelihood of a chimney fire ever occurring in your home.

Chimney Inspections in Your Area

Many folks don’t use their fireplaces like they used to, so they leave the cleaning of their fireplace out of the normal services they need for their homes. However, the National Fire Protection Code states that you are to supposed have your fireplace inspected every year, and cleaned as needed. Compare this to a regular physical from the doctor to check your overall health. Make sure your fireplace is healthy; book an inspection with us!

North Wales, PA Chimney Sweeps

The core service of our business is the proper sweeping of chimneys. Furnace flues and various other chimneys are all in our everyday work load.  Annual Level 1 inspections are a part of  every chimney sweep we provide. All of our chimney sweepers are qualified by  a thorough training and testing process that leads to a credential with Qualified Chimney Professionals . Whether it is the busy season of fall, or the beautiful summer time, our technicians are ready to help!

 Chimney Repair in Pennsylvania

While at your home, our technicians are proficient at providing numerous small chimney repairs. 

  • The chimney crown at the top of the chimney develops cracks that may need some attention. 
  • There may be some missing mortar around the fire bricks in the fire box.

Have a friendly and professional Midtown Chimney Sweep out to your home to inspect your fireplace and counsel you on any repairs that may need to be made.

Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning in North Wales, PA

We provide dryer vent cleaning as a service as well. You want your dryer to do what it’s supposed to and dry your clothes in an efficient time frame. A dip in dryer efficiency could mean that you need a new dryer; that is true. However, it may very well be that your dryer isn’t operating as well because the hose and the line running to the exterior of your home have a lot of lint built up them. Have one of our experts come out and clean your dryer vent run before you start your research on purchasing a new unit, and save yourself some money! 

Also, and most importantly, clean you dryer vent to protect your home and your family.  Clothes dryer fires  are an unfortunate but common occurrence in homes, and the cause of numerous structure fires annually. Having the dryer vent run regularly swept out ensures the heat from your dryer exhaust is exiting your home, rather than building up in it.

Online Scheduler

We want your scheduling experience to be top-notch. We provide an online scheduler for your convenience to book anytime. Simply type in your zip code to get started! Information about our services will be provided through the booking process to assist you with selecting what you need.

Still unsure about what you need, or if we are the company to assist you with your needs? Give us a call during our convenient hours, and we will be more than happy to help you.