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BLOOMFIELD, IOWA — Keeping warm and staying safe tends to be a challenge during the winter months.

But taking the time to care for your chimney can help protect your home.

Experts recommend that chimneys are swept and inspected annually whether or not the fireplace is being used.

A dirty chimney can cause chimney fires…which damage structures…destroy homes and injure people.

Once the chimney has been clean it’s important to make sure you keep it protected by burning the correct wood.

“The trick is burning good seasoned wood,” said Adam Rebling, Midtown Chimney Sweeps. “If you cut your own wood you want to let it sit at least a year. A lot of people will cut wood in the winter time and burn it the following winter and that is actually fairly ideal.”

Experts encourage homeowners to have their chimney swept before they light the first fire of the season.

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