Taking Care of Your Fireplace and Chimney

Most of us in Longmont, Colorado don’t think about our fireplaces or chimneys too much. We like to burn wood in our hearths to make ourselves feel warm and cozy, but that’s about all the attention we give our fireplaces.

But the team at Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Longmont understands that chimneys need maintenance. After all, fireplaces and their chimneys deal with soot, rapidly increasing and decreasing temperatures, exposure to weather, and much more. Over time, those factors can lead to cracked crowns, damaged chimney caps, and an excess of soot in the flue.

Soot might not sound so bad. But you should be concerned about that substance, considering that it’s flammable. If you regularly burn wood in your fireplace, the soot (also designated as “creosote”) steadily accumulates inside of the chimney. This can both “choke” the chimney and increase the chances of a chimney fire. That’s why the National Fire Protection Association recommends annual inspections and sweepings.

Ready and Able Professionals

There’s no need to worry… The team at Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Longmont consists of qualified chimney professionals who can take care of your chimney needs.

They know just what to look for when inspecting a chimney. You can count on them to identify problems and come up with solutions. If the chimney needs sweeping, they’ll use their modern system to clean it. That system includes the use of centrifugal-gravity, dust-extracting, triple-filtration vacuum manufactured by HEPA. With that appliance, they can quickly and effectively remove creosote from your chimney with a minimum of mess.

The Midtown team can do more than sweep chimneys… They also offer dryer vent cleaning. Just like how soot may block up a chimney, dryer vents can become full of lint and other debris. Midtown can clear your vent out, thereby reducing the stress on your dryer and decreasing the risk of a fire

Call Midtown’s friendly Scheduling Center today to schedule for your chimney to be inspected and swept. The team looks forward to meeting your needs soon!

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