Midtown Dryer Vent Cleaning of Denver

Dryer Vent Maintenance in Denver, Colorado

Why is dryer vent cleaning important?

Your dryer vent can accumulate lint and pet hair produced by your clothes dryer as it runs. This material can start a fire if it is not cleaned from the dryer vent duct regularly. When possible, we pull out the clothes dryer and thoroughly inspect the wall connection. It’s worth investing in an annual cleaning of the dryer because we clean behind the dryer as well.

Why use Midtown Dryer Vent Cleaning of Denver, Colorado?

Because we at Midtown Dryer Vent Cleaning are reliable, knowledgeable, and (most importantly) right here in Denver, providing maintenance services you will need. Certified and insured, we’re ready to go to work for you!

Our Tools Are the Best!

One such tool is our HEPA vacuum. This unique machine efficiently gathers lint, dust, and other material from your dryer vent. If you wish, we will use that tool for removing any debris we find within or around the clothes dryer in your laundry room. Besides the HEPA vacuum, our equipment includes a narrow, tapered brush for cleaning your lint trap.

Certified and Insured Dryer Cleaning Professionals

At Midtown Chimney Sweeps, all of our Midtown dryer vent cleaning technicians are courteous and reliable. We’re proud to say that they meet our ideals of cleanliness and efficiency. Additionally, they are CCP-certified (Certified Chimney Professionals™) and have insurance for both general liability insurance and their business vehicles.

Types of Dryer Vent Inspections

We offer two levels of inspection:

  • Level I Dryer Vent Inspection

This is the inspection performed with every dryer vent cleaning. We recommend that you have your vent receive a Level 1 inspection at least once every year. It’s a visual scan of all readily accessible portions of the vent, appliance, and flexible connector. Our courteous scheduling center is ready to email you a quote for the price of your annual dryer vent inspection. When you call in or email us, make sure you mention how you heard about us!

  • Level II Dryer Vent Inspection

This is a more thorough inspection that requires the technician to view all accessible portions of the dryer vent and appliance. This is highly desirable and commonly overlooked for real estate professionals and property managers who are managing a home sale or transaction. When a residence changes ownership or the dryer is converted from gas to electric or from electric to gas, we strongly recommend the Level II dryer vent inspection. Our technicians are willing to inspect your dryer vent termination even if it happens to be on your roof.

The most important aspect of a Level II dryer vent cleaning is the live-scan video of the inside of the vent.

The video camera inspection is helpful to the technician to inspect for debris, buildup, and damaged or disconnected pipes. Our friendly office staff will quote you a price over the phone for a Level II chimney inspection. Make sure to have your promo code or coupon ready if you have one!

How much does a Midtown dryer vent cleaning cost in Denver, Colorado?

Usually, a dryer vent cleaning in the greater Denver, Colorado area is between $100 dollars to $250 dollars for a residential through the wall or basic through the roof exhaust. The ventilation system for your dryer should be cleaned once a year, and the surrounding area and all hook-ups between the dryer and the dryer vent should be inspected every 6 months for damage. Why not call and schedule today?

The image (“Good Morning Denver” by Sheila Sund) is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Meet Byron Schramm

Byron Schramm

Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising exists today largely because of the vision and perseverance of Byron Schramm. His family, which has lived in Antelope Valley, CA for five generations, boasts aptitude for construction and farming. Byron has earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Mathematics from The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, CA. An entrepreneur at heart, he started three businesses before age 18 and filed for a provisional US Patent on an invention at age 21. He holds a provisional utility patent on a smartphone app for the hearth industry, a license for sailplane aircraft, and two classifications of California and Colorado contractor licenses.

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