How to Achieve a Picture Perfect Fireplace

Fireplace designs vary depending on the styling of the home’s interior and layout. Owners might opt for a large stone-faced hearth, be free-standing or boast a more traditional mantle scheme. While these spaces can add to the coziness and charm of any home, keeping them clean is essential to maintain their picture perfect appeal. This is achieved through routine fireplace cleaning and maintenance, which will depend on whether the installation is fuel powered or burns wood.

Gas fireplaces in good condition typically only leave behind minor accumulations of soot, but traditional wood-fired ones tend to acquire heavy amounts of unsightly debris and ash rather quickly. However, fireplace cleaning keeps them looking beautiful and add to the home’s aesthetics and efficiency. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of cleaning different types of fireplace designs and tips for self and professional maintenance.

Why Fireplace Cleaning is Vital for Beauty

Imagine sitting around with family or friends in the entertainment room with a lovely fire going only to have the flames highlighting a sooty, black space. While this might not be problematic in a cast iron free-standing fireplace, stone backed wood burning installations often require frequent cleanings to keep them looking attractive.

When soot removal is made a priority after every few burns, the fireplace should typically require a deep cleaning once or twice annually to keep up appearances. Furthermore, less soot and ash in the firebox equates to less residue heading up the flue and chimney, which can require a professional cleaning more often than a regularly cleaned fireplace.

Tips for Cleaning Fireplaces

A general wipe down periodically and an annual inspection and a chimney sweep should suffice for gas fireplaces. However, wood units will need to be cleaned and the ashes removed ideally after each use. A basic fireplace set with a shovel and bristle brush for sweeping simplifies this process. A TSP cleaning solution or water and soap can keep the back faces and sides of the unit clean from smoke soot.

If a stone or brick surround is present, a top to bottom deep cleaning once per year or as needed can keep grime from detracting from the beauty and warmth of the fireplace. This job can be performed with cleaning solutions and a stiff brush or by a professional fireplace cleaning service when the chimney is swept and the unit is inspected.

One way to help keep stone and similar mantle and interior fireplace areas cleaner longer is to have the materials coated with a penetrating sealer. This application helps prevent stains from embedding into porous natural stones and make it much easier to wipe away creosote and ash debris with a quick wipe down. Depending on the size and height of the installation, it might be best to hire a professional to handle this task.

Protect Your Asset with Regular Fireplace Cleaning

An unsightly fireplace can detract from the attractiveness of interior gathering spaces and might even pose a safety hazard if the debris accumulate heavily over time. Be sure to take measures through self-maintenance and expert fireplace cleaning services to ensure that it remains an asset to the home rather than a hindrance or a risk.

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