5 Creative Ideas for Firewood Storage

Firewood storage doesn’t have to become a hassle or something nuisance. In fact, you can turn storing your firewood into not just a convenience, but into something serviceable in various other ways as well. Here are some creative ideas you can consider when it comes to firewood storage indoors or outside.

1. Turn Décor into a Storage Area

You can easily convert spaces around your furniture into firewood storage areas. For example, if you have a long bench on your patio, you can use the space beneath the bench to store firewood.

Not only does this make storage unobtrusive, but it can also actually add another aesthetic dimension to the furniture or space where you place the firewood. In addition, this idea works for both inside and outside firewood storage.


2. Give Firewood Racks a Shape

Many people will make use of a traditional type of firewood rack for storage, but you can do a lot more than just a flat base of wood, stone, or brick. A firewood rack can take on any shape.

For example, the A-frame rack can offer you a shed-like firewood storage option without you needing to add an entire shed to your property. A large suspended circular frame can allow you to store firewood while also having an almost artistic feature in your yard.

You can even use a frame that forms a shape that comes to life when it’s full of firewood. As long as you can keep the firewood off the ground, covered when necessary, and open to airflow, then you can choose whatever shape you find suitable.


3. Choose Utility, Not Just Function

Firewood racks, whether inside or outside the home, can also serve multiple purposes. You can top a rack with a table to create a place for keeping whatever you want.

You can use a sturdy rack as a base for creating a seating area. Your firewood rack can serve multiple purposes including its main function if you apply a little imagination to it.

Indoors, a small rack can hold firewood and still function as a lamp stand, a place to put a nice plant, or just a feature in general.


4. Use What You Already Have

Look around your home, inside and out. You may find there’s a number of places where you can store firewood. For example, if you have a bookshelf, you can alternate between books and firewood for each shelf.

If you have unused cabinets or drawers, you can use them for easily accessible firewood storage. You can also make or purchase these things with the idea of using them for firewood storage.


5. Build Out from Your Home’s Walls

If you don’t have space for a full rack or other firewood storage option, you can build your firewood storage close to the walls of your home. For example, you can extend a covered fireplace storage area from your home’s exterior walls.

This won’t take up a lot of space and can serve as quite the convenience when it’s time to go grab the firewood you need. This concept also works indoors, as a small extension for firewood storage can work while also adding to the feel of your interior design.

If you look around, you’ll likely find numerous examples and creative ideas for firewood storage. What storage methods will work right for you will depend on your budget and your needs.

You can implement many of these ideas on your own. You can also purchase premade firewood racks that can accomplish these goals for you.


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