Nothing quite beats the feeling of having a roaring fire in your home to help create warmth and comfort on a chilly winter night. Fireplaces offer tranquility and peacefulness, making a mesmerizing focal point in the room. When choosing between a wood-burning fireplace and a gas fireplace, buyers have plenty to think about, including the installation process and price, as well as ongoing care and maintenance. A gas fireplace offers several benefits, quickly making them the most popular fireplace choice for homeowners worldwide. Below, let’s take a closer look at gas fireplaces to understand better why they are so popular.

Easy On The Wallet

Adding a gas fireplace to your home is incredibly budget-friendly. While there is an initial upfront cost, running and maintaining a gas fireplace costs just pennies on the dollar. Price will vary depending on the size and style of your gas fireplace installation in Minneapolis, but it is possible to install a new gas fireplace for under $3,000. Smaller fireplaces are often cheaper, and fireplaces with a natural vent, or B-vent, can be even more affordable. Compared to other costly home improvement projects, adding a gas fireplace is a cost-effective way to get instant satisfaction and immediately change the look and feel of a room.

Instant Return on Investment

Installing a fireplace is quick and easy and relatively affordable. Not only can a fireplace help define a focal point in the room, but it can make a room feel more grand, comfortable, and cozy. There is no denying that a gas fireplace can help create an instant selling point and feature in a home. A fireplace is a typical “must-have” feature potential home buyers search for.

When it comes time to list your home for sale, gas fireplaces can add value to your home. Studies examining home sales found that having a gas fireplace increased the average home price by as much as 12%. Further, when examining current home listings in the United States, a gas fireplace was the number one feature detailed in the home listing. For a small upfront cost, adding a gas fireplace can add instant value to your home, making it a wise investment.


Running a gas fireplace, even all day, doesn’t have to be a significant expense. In fact, the cost to operate a gas fireplace is surprisingly affordable. A standard gas fireplace will cost about $0.29 per hour to run, while some smaller units may cost as little as $0.15 per hour to run. If you keep your gas fireplace on maximum output, all hours of the day, you would only increase your gas bill by about $100 per month. Some models of gas fireplaces only offer an ignition flame when needed, allowing you to save even more money. Other models will include a battery backup to provide an ignition flame on-demand with a push of the button. Running a gas fireplace will not waste unnecessary gas throughout the day.

All Day Tranquility

Fireplaces have a simple, soothing quality that can bring instant tranquility and peacefulness to a room. People enjoy watching the constantly changing, dancing flames, which create a mesmerizing effect. Improve the feel and mood in your room by installing a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace can absolutely transform a space, adding peace and calm. Relax at the end of a long day by sitting in front of a gas fireplace with family and friends, or simply snuggle up with a good book in your lap.

Simple Operation

Compared to a wood-burning fireplace, a gas fireplace is a much easier operation. Gas fireplaces rely on a continuous ignition flame or pilot light to keep the fireplace lit. When you are ready for a full fire, simply press a button to send more gas to the fireplace, increasing the flame. Some people choose to install a button on the wall located next to the fireplace. In contrast, other gas fireplace models even have a remote you can use to trigger a flame, creating ultimate luxury and easy access.

Plus, maintenance is easy with a gas fireplace. A wood fireplace creates soot and dirt that must be cleaned regularly as natural wood burns. A gas fireplace doesn’t require nearly as much cleaning and offers a safe, clean flame. A gas fireplacenever has a smokey smell that permeates soft materials like blankets and clothing and keeps the rest of your home and belongings clean and soot-free. With easy maintenance and operation, homeowners can’t go wrong with a gas fireplace.

The Best Gas Fireplace Install For Your Home

If you have decided that a gas fireplace is right for you, the next step is to choose the right gas fireplace style and model to install in your home. Napoleon offers several types to fit with any home configuration. Let’s walk through the several Napoleon options to determine the right nfs gas fireplace install for your home.

Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

A direct vent gas fireplace is a popular option for homeowners. This fireplace style pulls air directly from the outside to fuel combustion in the fireplace. Direct vents have the added benefit of not requiring electricity to create and fuel the flame in the fireplace. These fireplaces are completely safe and have the combustion chamber sealed within the fireplace. Direct vents can be vented to the exterior through either a wall or the roof. It may be necessary to add a power vent to help maximize airflow through the gas fireplace in some particularly large rooms.

Napoleon direct vent gas fireplaces come in countless styles, ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between. These fireplaces can be single-sided or double-sided and can be just a few feet in length or span an entire wall. Direct vent gas fireplaces also come in a range of colors and materials, allowing you to custom-create the overall look and feel in your home. Choose a fireplace with natural-looking artificial wooden logs, or opt for a modern and contemporary fireplace with stylized metal components or glass.

Napoleon Natural Vent Fireplace Collection

Often called a B-vent gas fireplace, this gas fireplace style is a popular option. Natural draft fireplaces don’t have a sealed combustion chamber, like a direct vent gas fireplace, but instead, count on natural properties to keep the fireplace fueled and safe. Heated air has a natural buoyancy that keeps the gasses out of your home, vented to the outside. A special pipe helps move the combustion gasses from your home, keeping you safe. These installations are usually easy to install and are the most affordable option. Plus, natural vent fireplaces can help heat the room, providing an additional benefit.

The Napoleon Natural Vent Fireplace Collection has limitless options to choose from. Homeowners can select a traditional style fireplace or a more modern and contemporary style. Natural vent fireplaces come in various sizes, making them ideal for just about any home.

Napoleon Inserts

If you already have an existing wood-burning fireplace, adding a Napoleon insert is the easiest, most cost-effective way to convert your existing fireplace to a gas fireplace. A gas insert is economical and creates a seamless installation. Gas fireplace inserts are self-contained in a singular unit, making the installation easy. Plus, the insert will fit carefully into your existing fireplace and chimney, helping to increase your home’s overall efficiency by reducing drafts. Typically, gas fireplace inserts are smaller, but that doesn’t mean they lack style and efficiency.

Napoleon offers an extensive line of inserts allowing you to choose exactly the style and decor you want to fit in your room. Napoleon has everything from classic and traditional styles to modern and contemporary styles. Choose your color and material for your insert and let the professionals come and install a safe, efficient, and soothing gas fireplace in place of your wood-burning fireplace. Napoleon inserts can help you bring peace and tranquility to your home while providing an essential focal point. Enjoy the benefits of minimal maintenance and added value a cost-effective gas fire fireplace can bring to your home.