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Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Brighton, Davenport, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo Having a fireplace or a wood stove means you will also have a brick chimney or a chimney pipe going through your roof. One common problem associated with chimneys are chimney leaks. Chimney Saver products is one that we use to help seal them up!
There are many reasons why leaks occur in chimneys. If your chimney develops a leak, then it can be a major cause of concern because of rain rot problems, as well as corrosion. Melting snow and heavy rains can provide a real challenge to all chimney types, creating chimney leaks. Sometimes rain will fall down the inside of an open top chimney falling into the fire, making a sizzling noise. Sometimes the water will find a pathway into a residence from the roof. Rain and melting snow are harsh elements on a masonry structure that is exposed to freezing temperatures at night followed by warmer above-freezing temperatures during the day. Chimney leaks are caused by loose flashing, damed up water behind a chimney, and rain water being absorbed into masonry bricks. Water coming into the residence causes problems from small nuisances to major damage. Sometimes the repairs are expensive! As in many things in life, an ounce of prevention can worth a pound of cure. There are many reasons for a chimney leaks. Water can penetrate stone and brick and come into the structure causing wood to rot and create costly repairs. These chimney leaks can be solved by applying a simple superficial water repellent to the outside of the chimney. We can reduce or eliminate the water intrusion problem. Locating chimney leaks is not an easy task. Quite often the leaks become evident only after the damage has been done. Leaks can occur almost anywhere on the chimney at almost any time. The top of the chimney is a mortared area known as the crown or splay; it is vulnerable to leaks. If this part cracks or comes loose, rainwater can enter into the fireplace. You may not notice the leaks until you find water in the hearth or even elsewhere in your home if the water becomes diverted due to some obstacles.

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You must remember that masonry chimneys are constructed with various materials such as brick, steel, mortar, tile, and cast iron- and at some point they must penetrate or touch your roofline. All of these are highly vulnerable to water damage and the risks increase in areas which see regular rain or cold weather. If you live in such an area you can choose to have your chimney waterproofed with the appropriate waterproofing agent. There is a wide range of water proofing and water resistant materials available on the market and you will need to consult a professional about the product best suited to your needs. If you think waterproofing is expensive, think again. It is bound to be much cheaper than the costs you will face when replacing expensive masonry, parts of your ceiling, dealing with mold growth, and so on, damaged by water leaks. So call today to have a Qualified Midtown Technician inspect the source of your chimney leaks and offer you a reasonable solution. Chimney leaks can be fixed by using our favorite water repellent Chimney Saver brand product. At Midtown Chimney Sweeps we look at the whole picture as best we can and offer you the customer the choice. Commercial chimneys can leak, and commercial chimney leaks can be fixed. Whether it is an apartment or condominium, our certified technicians can recommend the right solution to repair your chimney leaks.
To make sure your chimney will deter water and won’t leak please consider yearly chimney inspections. Our certified technicians will inspect the inside of the chimney and look for cracks that can leak.