Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Woodland Park, CO

We at Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Woodland Park, Colorado love the mountains just like you do. There is nothing like the smell of wood smoke from a traditional wood burning fireplace crackling away while the snow falls from a winter sky. Happy family times, or quiet reading hours recovering from the long work and hours of summer. We love to fish in beautiful Deckers, Colorado, and take the winding drive to Pikes Peak. Stop off for a beautiful visit in Cripple Creek and stare at the mountains rising in the foreground. Fall leaves from aspen turn a golden color while woodsmen look for firewood in preparation for the fall. This is life in the high country of Colorado.

We are proud to partner with those who make Woodland Park home. We proudly recommend Foxworth Galbraith Hardware Store, and a half dozen local realtors in town who all recommend Midtown Chimney. A good reputation is important in a small community, and that is why we at Midtown go the extra mile.

Chimney Cleaning, and Glazed Creosote

In the mountains we mostly burn pine, a touch of aspen, and a lot of fir. These are all soft woods, with lower BTUs per pound than the rich hardwoods of the east coast. Many times people ask if they should be burning hardwood instead of our  “junk wood” locally. However, it has been our experience that pine and fir are not so bad- if they are burned at the proper air to fuel ratio.  If you are having a new fireplace installed by Midtown or another company, ensure that the manufacturers minimum chimney height is observed. After ensuring that the chimney is installed correctly, burn the appliance with the proper amount of air. Specifically,  keep the air shutter open, and let the fire have as much air as it needs. The air is thinner up here in God’s country, and we need to ensure that the combustion triangle- Air, Fuel, and Heat are all maintained in perfect harmony to prevent glazed creosote buildup.

What is Glazed Creosote? This is the shiny glass like substance that builds up on the inside of chimney when the user decreases the air supply and loads the appliance up with fuel. The most common phrase we hear is, “Fill it up with wood and shut down the air for the night, that way I have coals in the morning.” This is the best way to create glazed creosote.

Glazed creosote is both impossible to remove with a brush by a chimney sweep and dangerous, as it supports chimney fires in a very real and substantial way. Therefore, we at Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Woodland Park have a special add on product that we can spray on the inside of the chimney that chemically reacts with the creosote to change its properties to flaky soot that can be removed with power sweeping. Power sweeping is the process of sweeping a chimney with rotary action, a brush on an electric drill, thrashing and lashing the chimney walls with poly whips. So if you have glazed creosote, call Midtown Chimney Sweeps and we will treat your chimney and remove the most stubborn residue with our amazing product and tools! Call today.

Fireplace Inspections, Dryer Vent Cleaning in the Foothills of Pikes Peak area

Every home that is bought or sold should have a thorough chimney inspection, called a Level II Inspection. We at Midtown Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning are your local experts for filling out the chimney inspection documents and checking the flue with a live scan video to give you this report. We don’t stop there either. We also clean dryer vents, from the back of the clothes dryer to the outside dryer vent termination. This service is helpful for some and necessary for others as it reduces the restriction in the dryer vent duct, allowing the clothes to dry faster. Minor repairs, and basic replacement of the flex connector behind the clothes dryer can be done in a single visit, leaving your dryer clean and ready to use.