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Chimney Repair

Midtown Chimney Sweeps is ready to assist you in the maintenance and repair of your fireplace or chimney. Our certified chimney technicians will recognize and fulfill any type of light chimney repair or maintenance necessary for your home. Chimneys are often among the most neglected, undetected, or misdiagnosed systems in the modern American household. This is unfortunate since the safe operation of our fireplaces and wood stoves requires a properly working chimney. During your annual chimney inspection, our certified chimney sweeps will determine the condition of your chimney and offer solutions for chimney repair and maintenance if required.

Smoky Fireplaces

The issue we call “Soot In The Face” (SITF) can be caused by a variety of factors. Smoke goes up the chimney because it’s lighter than cold air and because you have a properly sized chimney for the smoke to exit the residence. A smoky fireplace is a common problem that our customers deal with. Whatever the duration or cause of a smoky fireplace, you’re bound to notice the filthiness and hazard it poses as combustion byproducts enter your home. If you get a puff of air on the outside of the house that is equal to or greater than the force of the smoke going up the chimney, you will experience acute SITF.

We Fix Leaky Chimneys Nationwide

Many reasons can lie behind a chimney leak. Imagine the disappointment of snuggling up to a hearth on a rainy day and then finding water-soaked logs. It not only ruins your mood, but can also lead to home damage. Once water penetrates stone and brick, it causes structural wood to rot and thereby results in the need for costly repairs. Midtown Chimney Sweeps can reduce or eliminate such a leak by applying a superficial water repellent to the outside of the chimney. We can repair a chimney leak by using our favorite water repellent Chimney Saver brand product. At Midtown Chimney Sweeps we look at the whole picture as best we can and offer you the customer the choice. Commercial chimneys can leak, and commercial chimney leaks can be fixed. Whether it is an apartment or condominium, our certified technicians can recommend the right solution to repair your chimney leaks.We provide inspection and cleaning for the dryer venting system in your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

This is one of our basic residential services.We provide cleaning for the air ducts system in your home. This is one of our basic residential services.

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