Fireplaces are charming. There is nothing more appealing than the warmth of a fireplace with dancing flames. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the sight of burning wood crackling away can elevate your consciousness levels and lull you into complete bliss and relaxation. Did you know that fireplaces offer several physical and mental health benefits? Research has established that fire promotes social behaviors and also lowers blood pressure. Should you consider adding a fireplace to your home?

Here are some excellent reasons why you should:

What Research Says About Fireplaces/Fire

Several findings backed by research and different institutions suggest that fireplaces offer relaxation effects and elevate consciousness and moods. The longer you sit by a fire, the more peaceful and relaxed you’ll likely feel. Why is it so? This is because brain scans of people have established that the crackling sound of brittle wood burning and the erupting red roaring flames have positive effects on the relaxation effects elicited in people.

Fires have a history linked to our evolution, where people would crack logs and light up fires to keep warm and relaxed. Psychology further backs the findings on how flickering fires have been therapeutic methods for joggling minds to experience peace and calmness.

Dr. Lynn, a medical and psychological anthropologist, explained several tests that sought to explore reactions elicited by volunteers after being subjected to seeing and sitting by a fireplace. The study was conducted at the University of Alabama, and findings established that not only do fires have a peaceful impact on people’s minds and bodies, but even their primeval instincts received relaxation moods and most people experienced some level of calmness.

10 Reasons Why You Should Seek “Install Fireplace” Services for Your Home

Fireplaces are sources of supplemental heating. They also accentuate the home décor’s ambiance. But there are several benefits to installing a fireplace, as researched by the University of Alabama. According to fireplace statistics, the following are the benefits of installing a fireplace:

The Psychological Benefits of Sitting by a Fireplace

  1. A relaxed Mind = A Relaxed Body

Fires and firepits have always had a great significance in human evolution. Research shows that fires involved crackling sounds, and distinctive smells, where early humans would hunt using the help of fires, ward off insects and predators, and cook using fire.

Campfires provided relaxation effects and acted as social connector that enhanced positive behavior. Research conducted hypothesized that consistent blood pressure in patients decreases when they are constantly exposed to fireplaces stimulus.

Similarly, findings confirm that campfires induce multisensory moods. Researchers say watching a fire can make us let go of the weight of our mind’s worries, and naturally decrease our anxieties and welcoming a peaceful state.

  1. Blood Pressure Levels Drop upto 5% When Watching a Fire

A study of 226 adults who were made to watch a roaring fireplace video established exciting findings. Their baseline pressure was recorded before the research and after. There was a 5% pressure decrease in almost all of them. Research suggests flames create a hypnotic relaxation feeling.

Aesthetic Benefits of Installing a Fireplace

  1. Warmth and Comfort

The primary purpose of a fireplace or firepit is to offer heat and warmth. You can install a fireplace in your outdoor spaces and enjoy using your outdoor spaces even in cold climates. The benefits of warming your spaces include:

  • Boosting capacity and usage of outdoor spaces
  • Greater chance for outdoor entertainment even on cold days
  • More use of your backyard if installation is done in the backyard
  1. Value Addition for Your Home

Fireplace Statistics show that hardly do people know that a fireplace is an economical home improvement that increases the home’s value. Similarly, like any fixture, a fireplace will have its unique features and benefits.

Whether it be an electric, wood, or gas fireplace, the homeowner realizes the benefits of getting a fireplace after installing one.

The National Center for Real Estate Surveys explains how a fireplace can increase a home value by 12 %. The percentage can increase depending on the house location, climate and other factors. Naturally, homes with fireplaces are more appealing to buyers.

  1. Fireplaces Transform Your Home

When seeking fire installation services, you can have a customized one that fits in with your house style, design and ambience. Modern houses incorporate different fireplace styles when seeking installation services. Some fireplaces have transparent structures, there are glass designs, and others have remote controls.

You have various choices; even a fireplace wall décor can be very classy and enhance the room’s mood. For people who want sophisticated designs, wall designs are installed in parts of the house’s walls; they create a modern and eccentric twist contemporary design of a fireplace.

  1. Fireplaces Reduce the Heat Costs

Nowadays, heating systems in homes are assessed for their practical purpose. A fireplace is a cost-effective heating choice for any home. Heating systems consume a lot of power, especially during winter. Custom fireplaces that keep you warm during cold seasons save you thousands of dollars. A customized fireplace is a better option than warming up using thermostat heaters. Besides, fireplaces require less energy.

  1. A Cozy Home Makes for a Welcoming Home

A fireplace changes a home’s ambiance to feel cozy and welcoming. Whether it be a fireplace wall décor or a wall design, the relaxing appeal is immediately felt upon entering the room.

Older fireplace designs offer a more rustic feel that can improve one’s mood. During chilly and cold nights, fireplaces make a room warm and comfortable. Imagine spending a cold night cuddling by a fireplace? Just the mere thought creates a serene experience for the mind.

The Social Benefits of Installing a Fireplace

A magical effect connected with fires draws us to find serenity in sitting by them and warming ourselves. It can be on a beach, a bonfire or a fire pit on your home’s patio with your loved ones flocking around the flame. The socialization effect created by fireplaces creates a cohesion that promotes pro-social behavior.

  1. Fireplaces Help You Connect

Socializing is a catapult to a happy and healthy life. A fireplace makes for an excellent conversation starter with friends and family. It’s similar to watching a scintillating moving while bundled together on a sofa. Sitting by a fireplace will help you socialize with friends and family. While the fire keeps you warm, it also nurtures cordial relationships among your loved ones.

Reduced Stress

Are you feeling stressed? Many symptoms are elicited by high blood pressure, including fatigue, nausea, and insomnia. Studies show that fireplaces can reduce stress to certain levels by reducing anxiety, elevating your consciousness and improving your mood.

  1. Great for Entertainment

Everyone loves lively atmospheres, especially in cold climates. Fireplaces make for great outdoor entertainment. It is so refreshing to share jokes, listen to good music or dance together while enjoying the warmth of a good fireplace. It also makes for great outdoor barbeque experiences.

Hire Professionals When You Want to Install Fireplace Designs in Your Home

When you want to own and install a fireplace, ensure you hire professionals for the work. Professionals will not only do installation services but also inspect your firepits and fireplace.

Are you thinking of investing in a good fireplace and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re searching for inspirational designs or architectural concepts. If so, a professional expert can offer you the service you need.

Fireplaces and firepits are a great addition to any home. Whichever style you may choose, gas, wood, or electric. A home with a fireplace benefits in value. The healthy, social, and aesthetic benefits add to the advantage of ensuring your home has at least one fireplace. Engage professionals to know how to install a fireplace at your premises.