Fireplaces were essential for heating and cooking purposes until the Industrial Age allowed radiators, gas furnaces, and electric heaters to replace them. Once fireplaces were no longer a necessity, they rapidly evolved from simple, functional hearths into stunning home centerpieces. Fast forward to trending fireplaces in 2021 and homeowners can now enjoy a stunning array of fireplace designs that accommodate all styles of home decor.

8 Cool Fireplaces That are All the Rage in 2021

1. Frameless Fireplaces

Seamlessly blending surrounding wall material with a minimalist glass opening, a frameless fireplace gives an illusion of spaciousness and depth. Living areas with limited space or extensive decor elements would benefit from having a frameless fireplace providing the appearance of additional dimension. Available in lengths up to 10 feet and heights of 24 inches or more, frameless can be complemented with power vents, double glass frames, colorful LED lights, and wall switches for controlling light displays. Chimney cleaning for frameless fireplaces should be scheduled accordingly.

2. Peninsula Fireplace

Also called a “three-sided corner fireplace”, the peninsula fireplace presents an ultra-modern, trendy look that requires less space than other trending fireplaces. When a fire is roaring in a peninsula fireplace, the three-dimensional views are stunning to see. Many high-end hotels and restaurants are graced with peninsula fireplaces because of their aesthetics and ability to infuse lobbies and large rooms with a sense of warmth and coziness. A peninsula fireplace comes with many options, such as single or dual-pane glass cooling systems, firescreen or glass, polished stone or lava rock backgrounds, and a variety of finishes that include black matte, stainless steel, or crushed glass.

3. Linear Fireplaces

Any list of trending fireplaces in 2021 must include indoor linear fireplaces. With its clean, defined edges, ability to seamlessly blend in with a variety of home decor styles and glass openings, an indoor linear fireplace is often built without a mantelpiece to enhance a minimalist expression. The horizontal design of a linear fireplace works great to give the appearance of spaciousness and length to living areas In addition, indoor linear gas fireplaces can be easily integrated with a home automation system to keep energy bills minimal during the coldest times of the year.

4. Vertical Fireplaces

Vertical fireplaces are tall enough to allow visibility of flames as they flicker to their fullest height. Sometimes referred to as “floor to ceiling” fireplaces, vertical fireplaces are one of the most elegant and distinctive trending fireplaces in 2021. Homes with vaulted or cathedral ceilings are best at accommodating the dimensions of a vertical fireplace. Before installing a vertical fireplace, consult with a chimney sweep about how often you should have a chimney cleaning service performed. The additional heat emitted by high flames may require more than seasonal chimney maintenance.

5. Stacked Rock Fireplaces

Limestone, marble, granite, and soapstone are just a few rock types you can use to build a charmingly rustic stacked rock fireplace. With endless color options and combinations, stacked rock fireplaces can be a decorative showplace enhancing both traditional and contemporary home decor. Only professional stonemasons should construct a stacked rock fireplace due to the intricacies involved in determining the precise friction, weight, and mortar needs of stones. Improperly built stacked rock fireplaces can prematurely degrade and reduce the functional properties of the fireplace.

6. Fireplaces with Naturally Textured Mantelpieces

Stone mantelpieces trended in 2020 but interior designers expect natural-looking, synthetic materials to override the popularity of stone in 2021. More durable and environmentally friendly, fabricated materials used to make fireplace mantelpieces can be fashioned to adopt a rustic, country, modern, and classical designs seen throughout the history of mantels. If you want your mantelpiece to have natural wood, concrete, glass, or metal appearance but prefer the constancy and low maintenance of naturally textured fireplaces, consider synthetic materials for your new mantelpiece.

7. Mirrored Glass Fireplaces

If it’s elegance and sophistication you are looking for in a fireplace, consider the ultra-modern, stunning presentation provided by a mirrored glass fireplace. Made entirely of clear glass, this fireplace design includes a transparent glass chimney that capably removes smoke and other emissions. The base is made of a mirror finish that gives the appearance of a floating fireplace. Homeowners wanting to amplify the spaciousness and natural illumination offered by high, vertical glass window walls might consider a mirrored glass fireplace in their next home renovation project. When it comes time for chimney cleaning, trust only an experienced chimney sweep to maintain a mirrored glass fireplace.

8. Modern Minimalism in Trending Fireplaces

Minimalist fireplace designs typically involve geometric or symmetrical shapes and solid colors incorporated in both vertical and horizontal layouts. Minimalism is an interior design favorite because its straight lines, pure colors, and orderly patterns permit effortless integration into nearly any decor style. A minimalist fireplace is recommended for large, open areas where the desire to create an illusion of divergent spaces is the homeowner’s end goal. Features of the classically minimal fireplace include providing a strong focal point in living areas, functional simplicity, and enhancing the flow of natural light when constructed as a standalone piece on raised flooring.

The Future of the Fireplace

Industry experts emphasize glass-making technology as just one element that will change the way fireplaces are constructed and used in the future. As the quality of glass increases, so does the ability of glass to improve the heating efficiency of a fireplace. Additionally, glass “mesh” safety screens are expected to replace unattractive, traditional safety screens.

Raised fireplaces may be the next trend in fireplaces as home and business owners are discovering the aesthetic and practical advantages to fireplaces built an elevated part of a room’s floor. Bedrooms and larger bathrooms are popular places to install a raised fireplace for heat and aesthetic purposes.


Cool Fireplaces Need Inspected and Cleaned Regularly

Although most trending fireplaces in 2021 will use the latest materials and construction techniques, they aren’t infallible to creosote buildup. Creosote development begins as crumbly, porous soot that rapidly turns into tar-like goo that sticks to chimney interiors. True creosote finalizes into an impenetrable glaze vulnerable to sudden combustion.

Burning wood or fossil fuel types in a fireplace creates creosote as smoke rises, cools, and condenses. A professional chimney sweep can immediately recognize creosote by analyzing black, oily residue clinging to the chimney walls. Certain conditions may encourage the quick, thick buildup of creosote. For example, if your flue is too large or you are burning unseasoned or moist wood, creosote can develop more quickly than usual. Fireplaces with restricted access to an adequate air supply are also prone to creosote damage.

When a chimney sweeps services your fireplace and chimney, they will not only remove creosote but also remove nest-building materials used by birds and rodents for breeding purposes. Chimney sweeps also look for cracked and broken flue tiles, missing bricks (if applicable), and old mortar that needs to be replaced. In many cases, slightly cracked tiles or mortar in poor condition can’t be detected by the untrained eye.

Also, never use so-called chimney cleaning chemicals to remove soot, debris, and creosote. Many of these products claim that homeowners can simply apply them to the chimney and allow fire-caused catalytic processes to clean the chimney. Although these products may be used in between a professional chimney cleaning, never let store-bought cleaners replace a complete inspection and cleaning performed by an experienced chimney sweep.