At Midtown Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent cleaning we value life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness among other things. One of the other things is clean dryer vents– and ways to prevent long dryer times! We have introduced our customers to a new proprietary technology that constantly monitors the airflow back pressure inside your dryer vent with an LED light to show you how dirty your vent is. No more guess work to know if it is almost time to have the dryer vent cleaned!

Have your dryer vent cleaned today- residential dryer vent cleaning or commercial dryer vent cleaning and save money by decreasing your clothing dry times, and preventing lint build up which may in some cases result in structure fire.

Introducing Lint Alert, a small product that plugs in behind the dryer and allows you to plug your dryer into it. It takes a few minutes for our technician to install the Lint Alert in the dryer vent, and connect the small rubber sensor hose to the monitor. After our technician calibrates the product you can monitor the back pressure in the venting system by simply viewing the progression of the LED lights over time from Green to Red (clean to dirty). For more direct information about this product that we offer please see Lint Alert!