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Chimney Sweepers have existed for around 200 years. Poems by William Blake and a rich tradition of good luck follow the life of the modern chimney sweeper cleaning chimneys in America, Europe, and especially England. Midtown Chimney Sweeps carry General Liability Insurance,  and are qualified to sweep wood burning chimneys in commercial and  residential single family and multi-family dwellings by the Certified Chimney Professionals certification. Having a regular annual visit from a qualified Midtown Chimney Sweeper will help reduce the risk of a chimney fire.  At Midtown Chimney Sweeps we take numerous precautions and steps to ensure that we inspect all visible portions of your fireplace or wood stove or pellet stove or gas fireplace. All manufacturers of fireplaces chimneys and vents recommend annual chimney sweeping, chimney cleaning, and chimney inspection. We continue here with a short list of commonly used vocabulary.


Chimney Sweeper Terminology/Vocabulary


It is important to learn some of the chimney sweepers vocabulary which is used in all 50 states:

  • Chimney- the entire large structure that conveys exhaust gases to the outside atmosphere.
  • Flue- the inner portion of the chimney that comes into direct contact with the byproducts of combustion.  Technically we sweep flues- not chimneys!
  • Soot- soft, usually light-weight and fluffy, black or brown dust in the chimney and firebox left after burning.
  • Creosote- can be of several types, including a gummy tar-like substance or hard flaky material and glazed creosote coating the inside of the chimney or firebox after burning.
  • Firebox- the square brick enclosure area where the fire grate sits, holding the wood and the open flame.
  • NFPA 211- the National Code for Chimneys, Fireplaces and Vents; it recommends the annual inspection and cleaning of every chimney and fireplace and wood stove and pellet stove.
  • Chimney fire- a high heat event wherein the soot and creosote on the inside walls of the chimney actually begins to burn and flames shoot up the entire length of the flue. Temperatures can exceed 2,000 degrees farenheit (although we have not actually held a thermometer in there to prove this)
  • Green wood- firewood burned in a woodstove or fireplace should not be too green- moisture should not exceed 15%-25%. You can buy a $20 wood moisture meter on Amazon.com if this helps. If you cut a tree down and burn it within 12 months, the wood will likely be too green. This will release microscopic tar droplets into the air, drift up the chimney, and result in gummy creosote and finally glazed creosote which must be removed chemically from the chimney. We get paid extra for that J so burn seasoned wood!

 The benefits of having an annual Chimney Sweeper service are many:

One of the byproducts of the crackling fire that we all enjoy so much is creosote being carried up into the chimney’s flue. Some of the soot and creosote coats the walls because it cools and sticks as it drifts upward. If the creosote becomes thick, and a large fire is built so that flames reach up pst the firebox into the chimney where the creosote is, it can catch fire. Fire can quickly and silently spread to other parts of the home. Heavy creosote can also hinder the flow of carbon monoxide, a dangerous, odorless gas, through the chimney and outside the home. Carbon monoxide, as everyone knows, can be a silent killer.

  • Chimney Sweepers remove the soot and creosote from the wall of the flue.


  • A clean chimney will also ensure that your fireplace is operating at its most efficient, which will provide homeowners the most heat while also reducing the amount of smoke that gets into the house.


Our goal at Midtown Chimney Sweeps is to offer our customers full chimney maintenance and cleaning services, so they’re never left to hazard the risks of chimney neglect. We offer expert chimney cleaning and repairs, designed to cover all your chimney and fireplace needs. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment! Midtown Chimney Sweeps services include:


  • Cap Dampers
  • Chimney Caps
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Fire Box Rebuilds
  • Inspections
  • Tuckpointing
  • Relining
  • Repairs
  • Smoke Leaks
  • Sweep
  • Waterproofing


A well-designed system has the following performance characteristics:


  • Fires light easily and burn bright and hot
  • Draft builds quickly
  • Lighting fires does not cause smoke to fill room
  • Opening the door does not cause smoke to spill out
  • Cold air and bad smells do not come out


We want to be your Sweep for Life. And that is why every technician wears a badge on his shoulder that says, Sweep for Life!

Regular chimney sweeping will reduce the chance of a chimney fire.

Regular chimney sweeping and chimney inspection by a Certified Midtown Chimney Sweeps technician will help reduce the risk of a chimney fire in your home. No absolute guarantee can be made that a chimney is risk-free due to hidden defects and changes due to usage. At Midtown Chimney Sweeps we take numerous precautions and steps to ensure that we inspect all visible portions of your fireplace or wood stove or pellet stove or gas fireplace. All manufacturers of fireplaces, chimneys and vents recommend annual chimney sweeping, and chimney inspection. The Fire Departments across America refer to a document called the NFPA 211 which recommends the annual inspection and cleaning of every chimney and fireplace and wood stove and pellet stove.

What people are saying...

  • Customer Testimonials

    I can't stress enough how glad I am to have found these guys. Honest, reliable and affordable. Truly enjoyed working with them.

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    Jason Allen came out to clean and inspect my chimney and wood burning stove. He did an outstanding job. He explained what he was doing and why. He showed me how the stove worked and was very careful to make no mess. He even went up on my roof to check the chimney from outside. I highly recommend, Midtown Chimney Sweeps and Jason Allen! Mike Holmes

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    I am very satisfied and pleased with the work done by Jason from Midtown Sweeps. 1. He was professional, smart and very knowledgable about the chimney, the fireplace and general information. 2. He has a pleasant personality, which made the whole experience enjoyable. I will use again for next cleaning and inspection.

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    Had them come to do a chimney sweep and dryer vent clean for a condo I just purchased. They were efficient and amazingly helpful, performing the chimney sweep efficiently and going way above and beyond on the dryer vent clean! They found a bird's nest that had been lodged in the dryer vents and was a possible fire hazard - and took care of it and cleaned everything perfectly. I will definitely use them again for future annual chimney sweeps and would highly recommend the to anyone around! Thank you so much!

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    Awesome! I had Byron come service the chimney/fireplace of my new home before winter sets in. What incredible, friendly, and knowledgable service. I will definitely use them again. I hugely recommend them to anyone needing their chimney/fireplace services.

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    Tikar was really professional, punctual and got straight to work. He answered all of my questions and gave me some helpful info about the wood burning stove since I've never used one before. Thank you, Tikar!

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    I've used these guys twice and had an excellent experience both time. Scheduling is easy and communication with the company is very professional. They were very conscientious about putting down drop cloths and keeping everything clean. And they went way above and beyond providing excellent service. I had bought a remote for our propane fireplace a year before and never installed it for myself. When Midtown installed it and it didn't work right away, they personally took it back the place from whom I'd made the purchase to troubleshoot before returning to complete the installation. And spent a ton of extra time on the return trip because they discovered a gasket on that fireplace needed to be replaced and they did it right then and there. I can't say enough good things about these guys!

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    The Midtown Chimney Sweep's representative that came to my home was very professional, knowledgable, and helpful! He answered all the questions I had and helped me fix a gas fireplace I had been having problems with for years! Best experience I've had with a chimney sweep service in years! I will be using this company again!

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    Great customer service and really helpful!!

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
  • Customer Testimonials

    My experience with Midtown Sweeps was primarily through their employee, Jason Allen, who was polite, efficient and knowledgeable. The top of one of my fireplace chimneys had blown off during a major windstorm which is common in Evergreen. I also had a problem with a woodpecker getting in the chimney and wood-pecking on it at all times of the day and night. Jason efficiently climbed on the roof and replaced the chimney top and we had a fun discussion about woodpeckers. If Jason represents Midtown Sweeps as a typical employee, then I recommend the company at a high level and would recommend the company to anyone who needs chimney support.

    Midtown Sweeps Chimney Services
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