An easy way to cut heat loss from a home and reduce heating bills is through the installation of an energy saving top seal fireplace damper, according to HomeSaver, Inc. An energy saving top seal damper replaces the original damper in a fireplace and is installed at the top of the chimney above the fireplace.

While a fireplace and chimney are an essential part of the American home, many chimneys are not completely or even adequately sealed from outside air penetration through the flue. This can be a source of heat loss for the home. The laws of physics means that warm air is much more likely to rise up and escape through a leaky chimney damper than to go out an open window or somewhere else. This energy loss can result in unnecessarily high home heating bills, and an uncomfortable cold fireplace when not in use!

Here is some science for you. A test performed in 2001 by Architectural Testing, an independent lab in Minnesota, indicated that installing an energy saving damper to the top of a chimney can cut heat loss by more than 75 percent. Just imagine- most fireplaces have a 13″ x 13″ chimney- if your current damper is leaky or non-existent, you have the equivalent of an open window in your house!

Many people don’t realize how much money is going up their Chimney

Installing a top-sealing damper is a simple home improvement that can go a long way toward keeping a home warm.

While a majority of chimneys generally contain an internal metal damper, these products are often inadequate at restricting the flow of air between a home and the outdoors. They were never made to be tightly fitting. These dampers, called throat dampers, have a metal-to-metal closure that can leave gaps, allowing warm air to escape and cold air to enter. Over time, the metal structure of the throat damper can also warp or rust, causing leaks to grow.

The most frequently installed energy saving dampers in the country are Lyemance, Lock-Top, and Chimalator, two of which are manufactured by HomeSaver. Lyemance and Lock-Top seal the chimney with a silicone rubber gasket. And what is best of all- they seal the chimney at the top instead of the bottom, preventing cold air from coming down to the home level! They are activated from the bottom of the fireplace using a stainless steel connector wire to the spring-loaded damper assembly installed on the top of the chimney 20 feet up.

Both of the HomeSaver dampers carry a lifetime warranty and are made of solid cast aluminum and stainless steel parts assembled to precise standards.

The Lock-Top Damper

The lock-top damper essentially puts a cap on top of the chimney while the Lyemance damper seals the chimney shut like a door. Both dampers are operated by the homeowner from within the fireplace and are only available through chimney and hearth professionals. These specialists can ensure proper sizing and installation, thereby ensuring the life and safety of the equipment.

The installation of an energy saving top seal damper / fireplace damper can save a household hundreds of dollars each year. It’s money in the bank for our customers!

In addition to the energy savings, these dampers can also protect a chimney from the elements. Damage caused by water from rain and snow can destroy a chimney over time. Water can deteriorate the bricks and mortar joints as well as inflict damage to the firebox. Energy saving dampers mitigate the weather risk. They can also prevent odors from entering the home, and help create a barrier to keep raccoons, squirrels, birds and rodents from building nests within the chimney.

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